INSIGHT Privacy Policy

Our counsellors offer help to those facing a wide variety of problems such as anxiety, feeling depressed, bereavement, marriage or other relationship problems or when life is just too difficult to cope with for some reason.

You will be able to discuss your problems in confidence, with trained counsellors.

Everything we discuss with you is confidential. We would only break confidence if we felt there was a real risk to your own or someone else's safety, or if the law required us to do so.

INSIGHT Policy & Principles


All counsellors working with INSIGHT, are committed Christians who:

  1. Accept the INSIGHT Statement of Faith (see below)

  2. Are in fellowship with and supported by their own church

  3. Receive regular supervision

  4. Are covered by adequate professional indemnity insurance

  5. Are either working towards their counselling diploma or are fully qualified


  1. For counsellors to maintain their personal integrity, and to abide by ethical principals as set out by ACC.

  2. To help clients towards personal maturity and a greater ability to deal with problems.

  3. To promote independence and a growth in self-esteem and wholeness in body, mind and spirit.


  1. The following values are brought to all counselling relationships by the counselling staff

    1. Empathy

    2. Honesty

    3. The value of each individual in the sight of God and of the counsellor

    4. The client's individual responsibility for his own actions

    5. The client's right to self determination

    6. Being non-judgemental

    7. The value of prayer as and when appropriate

    8. The importance of avoiding dependence on the counsellor

    9. The setting and keeping of appropriate boundaries

  2. Although there is not a standard charge for counselling, Insight relies on donations.

  3. The service offered by INSIGHT is available to people of any denomination and to those with no church connection.

  4. Information given by the client will remain confidential to the counsellor to whom it is given except in the following circumstances:

    1. With their specific permission the counsellor may discuss the client's needs with his or her doctor, Minister, other professional person or family as agreed with him or her.

    2. The counsellor may share information about the client with his / her supervisor (who is bound to maintain confidentiality)

    3. In exceptional circumstances where the counsellor believes there to be real risk to the safety of the client or another, he or she has the right to pass on information to the relevant person or persons.

    4. When required to do so by the process of law.

  5. The INSIGHT administrator will allocate clients to whichever counsellor they consider most appropriate. This applies to both initial and re-referrals.

  6. INSIGHT reserves the right not to offer help to any particular client.

  7. Clients will be seen at a frequency and location determined, following negotiation, by the counsellor.

  8. Involvement of anyone other than the regular counsellor(s) (e.g. a trainee) will only be with the permission of the client.

  9. Counsellors will receive regular supervision.

  10. When any other occult or similar involvement is acknowledged by a Client, INSIGHT counsellors will fully discuss the most appropriate way forward with their supervisors as well as the Client.

  11. Appropriate records of each case will be kept by the counsellor in order to:

    1. Assist the counsellor in recalling the work done with the client.

    2. To help them clarify the progress and direction of the counselling.

    3. To comply with the law.

    INSIGHT Counsellors are committed to safe storage of records. They will not be made available to anyone outside INSIGHT without the client's express permission, except to comply with the process of law. Clients may see their records if they wish.
  12. INSIGHT considers it in the best interests of the client to work alongside other individuals or helping agencies who are or have been caring for the client. Where appropriate, we will liaise with these individuals or agencies, with the client's permission. If such permission is withheld, INSIGHT reserves the right to limit or terminate our involvement with that client.

  13. Clients will normally be asked to sign an INSIGHT standard "Terms of Counselling" document (a copy will be handed to the Client) clarifying the basis of arrangement between themselves and the counsellor.

  14. Members of the Counselling Team will be re-imbursed by INSIGHT in respect of their out-of-pocket expenses necessarily incurred in the course of their duties.

Complaints Procedure

Any client who has a complaint about the counselling they have received will, in the first instance, be encouraged to discuss the matter with their counsellor. If it cannot be resolved in this way, the client will be advised to write, stating the nature of their complaint to Chair of the Management who will then look into the matter.

Statement of Faith

- that there is One God, eternally existent, in three persons - Father Son and Holy Spirit

- that the Son of God, Jesus Christ, came to earth; that He was born of a virgin; lived a sinless life and performed miracles; He died on the Cross in order that our sins could be forgiven; He was bodily resurrected and then ascended to the Father in Heaven; He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead.

- in the ministry of the Holy Spirit (giving gifts and bringing out the fruit of the Spirit in believers)

- that the Bible is the only authoritative Word of God.

- in the spiritual unity of all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.

- in the power of prayer.

Insight Counselling [Leicester]: Affiliated to Association of Christian Counsellors