INSIGHT Terms & Conditions
  1. How we Work
    The aim of our time together is to help you unfold the reasons for seeking counselling, to explore alternative ways of coping and to bring hope where there may be none at present This may involve a variety of methods, and require you to continue work between sessions.

    We operate within clear Statements of Counselling Policy and of Faith, copies of which are available on request.

  2. Costs
    Insight Counselling is a Not-for-profit organisation. All of our staff are volunteers. To be able to operate we rely totally on the donations we receive from the people we counsel. At your initial appointment it will be discussed with you how much you are able to offer per counselling session. We ask you to pledge an amount per session, based on your income. On average it costs 45 per session with a private counsellor.

  3. Confidentiality
    Everything we discuss with you is confidential. We would only break confidence if we felt there was a real risk to your own or someone else's safety, or the law required us to do so.

  4. Punctuality
    It is important that you arrive punctually for sessions, making allowances for traffic delays etc. Please phone as far in advance as possible if you are delayed and give at least 24 hours notice if you have to cancel a session (otherwise we do expect you to pay for the session).

  5. Professional Supervision
    All our counsellors are required to be supervised in order to monitor their standards and quality of work. This means that they need to discuss aspects of their work with their supervisor under strict conditions which protect your identity and maintain confidentiality.

  6. What we expect from you
    Please remember that you will be working in partnership with your counsellor. Your counsellor cannot change your life, only you can do that. You will need to act on the ideas that come out of counselling. This is essential to achieving any change in your situation, and your counsellor may challenge you if you fail to cooperate without good reason. We must know if anyone else becomes involved in helping you as this could cause confusion.

  7. Discontinuation of Counselling
    We reserve the right to end counselling if we feel that it is serving no useful purpose, but will always wish to discuss this with you first. If you feel ready to terminate our work together please talk this through in a session rather than by telephone or in a letter or by non-appearance.

  8. Legal Responsibility
    We cannot accept responsibility individually or collectively for your response to the counselling you receive. You need to acknowledge that any assistance given during the course of counselling does not create any legal liability on our part.

Insight Counselling [Leicester]: Affiliated to Association of Christian Counsellors